PCB Design

The Complete Pcb and Electronic Product Design Solution

We are a Pcb Design and Pcb Asssembly Company  based in Beeston Nottingham.

We are here to help Customers prove  the Concepts of their Ideas, quickly and reliably by developing their  Concepts into working prototypes  using  the most appropriate building blocks to suit their needs and cost targets.

We can produce working prototypes within a surprisingly short time once we have understood and agreed your aims and objectives.

We have considerable experience with systems of various levels  of complexity and can handle the Design, Development, Assembly & Testing stages of your prototypes at highly competitive rates

Pcb  Design and Prototypes from £2000

Pcb and Electronic Product Designs fall ito 3 distinct Categories.

A) Small Scale Complexity

B) Medium Scale Complexity

A) High Scale Complexity

Each of these categories has it’s own lead time  and price  based on Complexity

Design Lead Time and  Pricing

Small Scale Complexity Designs have a lead time of 3 Months from Proof of Concept to Finished Product with pricing from £2000

Medium  Scale Complexity  Designs have a lead time of 6 Months from Proof of Concept to Finished  Product   with pricing from £3500

High  Scale Complexity  Designs have a lead time of 12 Months from Proof of Concept to Finished Product   with pricing from £6500

For Low to Medium Complexity Solutions expected to be more I/O Intensive we recommend Custom PIC or PIC32 Designs

For Medium & High  Complexity Solutions requiring Internet Connectivity and Considerable Computing Power  we recommend  ARM based Embedded Linux Systems


C, C++ Java and JavaScript

We have experience in developing firmware and application software on Linux, Microchip and Microsoft platforms.

If you have an outline design that you need to get to market quickly then we are here to help you.