PCB Manufacture

Free Printed Circuit Board Tooling on all one and two layer PCBs

Are you looking to increase your profits by cutting your PCB costs? Then if you are, you are in the right place.

We have been providing  UK companies with good quality Printed Circuit Boards since 2006 from our  PCB partner in China. We believe in long term relationships with  all our suppliers and work with them to achieve good quality products, we only have one PCB partner in China , who we have been with since 2006 and  we do NOT not shop around for the cheapest price to increase our margins, because we fully understand that whilst price is important a good price on paper is not a good price unless it is for  a good quality product that is delivered on time

Lead Times

Our Standard Lead Times are 15 days  from receipt of  Order.

Our Fast Turn-Around Lead Times are  7 to 10 days from receipt of  Order.


Most of our Customers require Uk  qtys of Pcbs   ie qtys of  10, 25, 50 and 100,   but if you are looking for larger qtys  of say 1k, scheduled at 100 per month then we  happy are to assist you with this.


We provide UK Credit terms, and so that  there are  no up front payments to worry about, we only ask that you understand,  that UK Credit terms are of course subject to Credit Status


We like to think  that  we provide good pricing and so if you email your gerber files and quantities to chris@circuitbureau.com   I  will reply to you with a good price. However if you are like me, you may be wary of asking for a price,  in case,  after giving your contact details you are pursued by a hard sell salesman who will try to browbeat you into placing an order.

Therefore my promise to you is that we will email the price and delivery to you but we will NOT follow up the quote  by phone, email or letter.

PCB Tooling

We do not charge pcb tooling on 1 and 2 layer pcbs and our tooliing costs for Multilayer boards are much lower than UK Tooling Costs.


All our Pcbs manufactured to IPC Standards and in accordance with ISO 9000