What a few of our customers have to say about us.

“We placed our first order with Circuit Bureau a few months ago.  It was for PCB assemblies to go into our Audio Monitoring Units and Talisman products. Circuit Bureau were promoting some very impressive prices and amazingly short lead times. To be honest we placed our first order simply to check out the Company and their service.

Six months and a few orders later, I have to report that we are very impressed. Not only are their prices substantially lower than other suppliers, but their lead times are genuine and totally reliable. As a result, our planning is simplified and our costs reduced. We intend to use Circuit Bureau in the future and will ask them to quote on new and more complex products.”
Chris Harburn, Production Manager, Television Systems Ltd


“Circuit Bureau is our main supplier of surface mounted PCB’s and assemblies. We’ve been doing business with them for 9 years and during this time we’ve purchased over £500,000’s worth of assembled boards from them.

Over the years their customer service has been fantastic and we consequently have an excellent working relationship with them. Due to the nature of our business we often present them with some very challenging orders, which results in them having to ‘pull out all the stops’  to ensure that we get our order on time. This they have to do regularly.

Because of their experience in the industry we also find them a very useful source of advice particularly regarding helping us to reduce the costs of new products.”
Ron Gretton, Managing Director, Call Aid UK Ltd


“We’ve been ordering bare PCB and PCB assemblies from Circuit Bureau for 5 years.
We initially ordered from them because we wanted to access Chinese PCB assemblies  but didn’t want to deal with China directly. Circuit Bureau had an impressive history of trading with the Far East and by ordering our printed boards through them meant we could hand over the responsibility.

In practice ordering through Circuit Bureau has been no different to ordering from a UK supplier. We have recently been very impressed by the level of service from Circuit Bureau in making sure our order is right. They have demonstrated commitment over and above what we would expect and it is reassuring to know that they take this responsibility so seriously.”
Tom Cryan, Managing Director, Audio Developments Ltd


“One of the benefits of having Circuit Bureau supply our complete units is their short lead times. We can only keep so much stock, so when we have a sales surge it inevitably means that we need the units yesterday. We rely on Circuit Bureau to respond quickly and this is critical to us being able to keep up when we have a rush of orders.

Another benefit from working with them is that they are very open with regard their pricing, which gives us more control over our costs. They are also very flexible with accommodating changes to orders which has on several occasions saved us time and money.”
Steve Smith, Managing Director, Tektroniks Ltd


“We have purchased surface mount PCB assemblies from Circuit Bureau for eight years for the inclusion into a variety of our specialist products.

We find Circuit Bureau’s prices extremely competitive and the quality of their products first class. Over the years that we’ve bought our surface mount PCB assemblies from them we have never had any issues with the quality of the boards. Their very short lead times, even for bespoke orders is invaluable.”
 Andy Stirling, General Manager, Sound Leisure Ltd (Electronics Division).